Friday, November 9, 2012


What drives you to do SL porn?

I like sex, and I'm an exhibitionist, so porn is fun for me.

Turn ons:

Oral (giving and receiving), Anything involving my bottom, or another woman's bottom (I love anal), Public sex, Good RP including costumes.

Turn offs:

People who are full of themselves, mean people, drama.

Any fantasies you would like to fulfill while doing SL porn:

Something medieval or from mythology. I'd also like to do a gangbang scene.

Will DO`s (BDSM, Scat for examples): Pretty much anything except for the things in the 'Won't Do' part below.

Wont do`s ( Blood, Gore for examples): Gratuitous violence toward women, age play, scat, beastiality.

Becky and Ken

Becky found herself unemployed in SL. After reading an ad in the newspaper for a modeling job, she decided to make the call. We lead her to believe that we were a legitimate modeling company.  However, little did she know we are actually porn directors and producers. Her misfortune sure lead to some excellent shots for the cam.

Well, I`m sure if modeling does not work out for you, Becky. I positive you can have a career in the porn industry.