Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First time for Tianna

What inspired you to be a pornstar?

SEX! Seriously though, I readily admit I enjoy porn so Second Life is giving me the opportunity to fulfill a dream that wouldn't happen in my normal every day life.

If you were allowed to both direct and  act in a scene, what  erotic features would you include (gangbang, anal, swallow, etc) ?

All of the above

What is your favorite sex act? Why?

Favorite of all would be oral. There's nothing better than burying yourself between someone's, licking and sucking them to orgasm. Totally rocks!

What is your most hated sex act? Why?

Can't say I have one

do you enjoy facials/cumshots or is it just something you have to do in the movie?

Yes, absolutely love facials, more the merrier.

What position turns you on the most?

Besides kneeling between a partners legs? OK,  I love the Organ Grinder. Gets him in nice and deep and really hits my spot.

What things you won`t perform in a film and why ?

I'm out to try anything at least once. Ask me again in a month or so :)

Whats your favorite thing to say while talking dirty?

Come on my face

Night Out with Amelia, Kristinai, and special guest Inari

Walk in the Forest

On a hiking trip to the forest, Boba and Rachael met. the two decided to have a little alone time from the groups they had came with. watch what happens as they take you on much more than a Walk in the Forest.