Sunday, June 23, 2013


what inspired you to be a pornstar?
1. I love sex.
2. In SL, I am very much an exhibitionist.

If you were allowed to both direct and  act in a scene, what  erotic features would you include (gangbang, anal, swallow, etc) ?
1. Lesbian
2. Interracial
3. Anal

What is your favorite sex act? Why?
-I love toys, especially strap-ons, especially fucking somebody (man or woman) with one).  It's the whole power thing I like.

What is your most hated sex act? Why?
-Anything having to do with a toilet.  No scat, and I'm not a huge fan of piss play either.

do you enjoy facials/cumshots or is it just something you have to do in the movie?
-Not a big fan of facials or cumshots.  I will do them, but not my absolute favorite

What position turns you on the most?
-Man pinning me down to the bed from behind.  I love the feel of a man on top of me...

What things you won`t perform in a film and why ?
-Toilet play, no scat, no golden showers.  I think both are pretty gross.

Whats your favorite thing to say while talking dirty?
-Hmmm....I can't think of anything.

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