Monday, May 18, 2015

Nuance at the beach

1. what inspired you to be a porn star?
"I love being the center of attention, and love being fabulously attractive. I want everyone, male and female to lust after me and treat me as Royalty."

2. If you were allowed to both direct and  act in a scene, what  erotic features would you include (gangbang, anal, swallow, etc) ?
"I have always been into the Fetish/Kinky scene. I would include BDSM props and fashions. I am naturally submissive and need to be used and abused totally. I am also to indulge in more group sex, as my desires and needs go way beyond a single lover."

3. What is your favorite sex act? Why?
"3-somes and 4-somes are my absolute Fav. I am most happy when all of my holes are being fucked and filled my multiple partners at the same time. Remember I NEED to be the center of attraction!"

4. What is your most hated sex act? Why?
"What? Is this a test? A joke? I have no sex that I hate! All I would ever say is "MORE...please!"

5. do you enjoy facials/cumshots or is it just something you have to do in the movie?
"OMG if I don't get it shot into my face, my hair, my mouth my tits......I feel like SUCH a failure! It is the ultimate sign of love and respect!"

6.What position turns you on the most?
"I have to say in total honesty that I have 2 favorite positions! I can't possibly choose between them! I love being on my knees being fed the hardest, hugest, wettest cock in the universe...or like being stuffed totally full from behind with a gorgeous hot cock up my ass! I mean like wow..just totally WOW!"

7.What things you won`t perform in a film and why ?
"Ummmm like I dunno? I mean if you really, truly want to live the *Porn Star* lifestyle, then you gotta go all in you know? So, bring it on...I want it all! The sex, the drugs the parties, the celebrity, the whole 'Bad Girl' gig...I want it ALL!"

8.Whats your favorite thing to say while talking dirty?
"Like, it's gotta be..."Baby fuck me sooo hard....fuck me gotta shoot that sweet sweet cum all over me hon...feed me baby!"

9.Your name:
"Nuance" But I fully accept that it may NOT be an acceptable Star's I am more than willing to change names...or anything for that matter!?

In closing, like...I wanna thank you all for this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime. It is just the hottest thing I could like ever think of to be lucky enough to fuck for a living!

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