Monday, June 1, 2015

Interview with Braff1

what inspired you to be a pornstar?
I like sex and I don't mind being watched.

If you were allowed to both direct and  act in a scene, what  erotic features would you include (gangbang, anal, swallow, etc) ?
fingering pussy and anal, doggie, mission, pretty much most anything but not where i am dismembered in anyways or body changes (removal of hair).

What is your favorite sex act?
 i like it when i am laying down on my stomach and the man facing my back and fucking me. Why? becuase he can go from my pussy to my ass.

What is your most hated sex act? i dont really know of any acts that I dislike. Why?

do you enjoy facials/cumshots or is it just something you have to do in the movie?
 i enjoy it

What position turns you on the most?
its like the mission but reversed where my stomach is facing the bed and the man is facing my back.

What things you won`t perform in a film and why ?
I'm open for any expereince at this time. I don't know anything I wouldn't like or do.

Whats your favorite thing to say while talking dirty?
 "fuck me"

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