Monday, December 28, 2015

Interview with Leylah Davied

what inspired you to be a pornstar?
My Partner, My Mistress... Mistress Kym.

If you were allowed to both direct and  act in a scene, what  erotic features would you include (gang bang, anal, swallow, etc) ?
Interracial, Facial, Swallow & Gargle, Anal.
Little spanking and whipping (mild BDSM)

What is your favorite sex act? Why?
Oral, i dunno why. I just do it from my heart , every time I perform oral. I love to use my mouth , anywhere on the skin. You can ask the references <on demand> and ask them anytime about my oral skills

What is your most hated sex act? Why?
Never hate a scene as such. I may not perform well with an out of the world creature. Beastiality is fine , but an altogether new creature with some tentacles and stuff. I may not be able to make it.

do you enjoy facials/cumshots or is it just something you have to do in the movie?
If I am a die hard oral fan, I would never deny a facial, no matter whether my eyes are opened or closed or with my glasses on.

What position turns you on the most?
Knelt blow job  or laid relaxed blow job poses
I also like the missionary. Love the force in it.

What things you won`t perform in a film and why ?
Never denied anything until i tried it and nothing is bad actually. Everything is worth giving a try.

But I wont like to perform vomiting and blood bath or dead/corpse scenes.

Whats your favorite thing to say while talking dirty?
Oh my my , this is such a monsssterrr..... may i please pamper the monster with my mouth.

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