Monday, April 16, 2012

Never know what will happen at the bus stop

While waiting at the bus the other morning, I saw this lovely couple so much in love. After talking with them for a few, they agreed to do a shoot.

DR. J And Shayla

Dr. J and Shayla were very eager to get the shoot started. Before i really had a chance to bring out the camera, Shayla had already began to suck on Dr. J`s massive manhood.

After sucking cock for a few, Shayla began to tease Dr. J and the camera by dancing around. Her perfect body made us both a little more excited : )

Next, she began to ride his massive cock like a pro. She fit ever inch of it deep inside her tight cunt.

This couple really loved being exhibitionists.  After riding Dr. J, Shayla wanted to be pinned up against the wall.

I enjoyed shooting this amateur couple. Here`s a few more shots that I took. Hope you enjoy : )

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