Monday, April 16, 2012

Emma`s first shoot

Emma has been working at this company for awhile. However, she gets called in Mr. Torrey`s office because of being late. She makes up some excuse and Mr. Torrey doesn`t buy it. Torrey tells her hes gonna to fire her unless she will do some side work.  "What exactly do you have in mind Mr. Torrey" asks Emma. "Come here, Emma", Says Torrey.

Emma is hesitant at first but slowly gives in to Torrey. He gets her to the floor and removes his clothing. She grabs hold of his swelling manhood and begins jerking him off slowly. She asks, " Is this what you want Mr. Torrey". She puts his enlarged cock into her mouth and begins sucking on it.

Emma rips her clothes off and jumps on the desk. She tells Torrey to lay back. She jumps onto his cock and begins riding it slowly.

Next, Mr. Torrey flips her onto her back and begins to fuck her fast and hard.

"On your side", says Torrey. Emma is more than eager to oblige. Torrey gets behind her and begins to thrust again. He reaches around and rubs on her clit.

I wanna titty fuck you now, Emma. Torrey gets on top of Emma. She pushes her massive jugs together to accept his massive cock. Emma teases the head with every thrust with her tongue.

 "Fuck, I`m gonna cum", says Torrey. "Cum on my tits", says Emma.

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